How to correctly perform video identification?

Please Note                                                                                                               

  • Allow browser to access your webcam and your location
  • Please have your ID card, passport or driving license ready for identification
  • The process is video recorded
  • First take a selfie
  • Then take a photo of the frontside of the ID document
  • And now the backside (if any)
  • Lastly, please wait few minutes for the validation results


Good lighting

Light up the room where you are going to take the picture so that you will get a clear image of the characters of the document. Try to avoid brightness. Bright texts could not be validated.


Prevent foreground reflections

Use off camera flash. Otherwise, you will create light reflections that will prevent you from being able to read the information. Prevent any possible reflection of light. Set your device without flash.


Focus mode and sharpness

When taking the picture be sure the image is clear and without blurred areas. Zoom on it and double check the letters are well defined. It is recommended to use autofocus devices.



Take straight photo. Place your camera or smartphone at an angle of 90o to avoid creating insights that make reading harder.



Bring the document closer. Leave the minimum space around not to cut information, the larger document, the easier the reading.


Image resolution

Keep your camera on the highest quality setting it supports. We recommend to send images with a resolution of 300 dpi and 1420x1000 pixels.



To better detect the document within the photo, place the document on a contrasting background.


How to hold the document

Make sure all parts of the document are visible and not covered by your hands.