Customer service - Spain

The entity Sheffield Ventures, SL (registered before the Bank of Spain with the number 6885) puts at the disposal of its customers the Customer Service so that they can send claims or complaints derived from the services of

The use of the service will not have any cost for the users of the services of

The presentation of the claim or complaint may be made in person or by post, sending it to the registered office of Sheffield Ventures, SL located at Bartolomé Ferrá Street 3, 4º, 07002 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares.

Likewise, the claim or complaint may be sent to the attention of the Customer Service through the email address

The letter must contain the following information:

  • Name, surnames, number of the national identity document, email with which you registered with (and, if applicable, the person who represents you, duly accredited).
  • Reason for the claim or complaint, clearly specifying the issues on which it requests a pronouncement.
  • Any documentation related to the facts raised that may be relevant to resolve the claim or complaint (contractual documents, statements of accounts with the questions questioned, etc.).
  •  Place, date and signature.

The document must explicitly include that the claimant has no knowledge that the subject matter of the claim or complaint is being processed through an administrative, arbitral or judicial proceeding.

The Customer Service has a maximum period of fifteen days, from the date of submission of the claim or complaint by any of the means mentioned above, the claimant may, after the end of that period, go to the Department of Market Conduct and Claims of the Bank of Spain if you have not received a response. However, the interested party may go to the Department of Market Conduct and Claims of the Bank of Spain before the aforementioned deadline if the Service fails and is not satisfied with it.

For more information you can consult the regulations applicable to customer service: